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Register as a Babboe ambassador

Are you super excited about your Babboe cargo bike and would you like to share this enthusiasm with other parents? Register as a Babboe Ambassador. You provide test drives for parents in your neighborhood and for every test drive you save for nice extras.

When can you become an ambassador?

An ambassador provides test rides for interested parents and has a public ambassador profile on Try my Babboe, with nice pictures of the Babboe. It is also important that your Babboe is well maintained and not older than two years.

Frequently asked questions

An overview of a number of frequently asked questions. Is your question not in the list? Contact us by emailing support@trymybabboe.com.

Fill in our registration. It is important that you fill in all mandatory fields. On working days you receive feedback from a Babboe employee within 24 hours, if your application has been approved.

Babboe is looking for enthusiastic Babboe-parents. More and more parents are discovering the benefits of a cargo bike. Do you like to give test drives to other parents? Then we are looking for you. Furthermore, we expect that:

  • You honestly share your Babboe experiences
  • Responds to requests from parents via Try my Babboe
  • Your Babboe is not older than two years and has been well maintained
  • You have a public profile on Try my Babboe, including photos of your Babboe

On average, a test drive takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Through the messaging system of Try my Babboe you can easily meet with the interested parents.

Babboe promotes Try my Babboe in different ways. Most of the time parents will get in contact after investigating which type of Babboe suits them most. We can't guarantee it, but more and more parents will come!

You can decide that yourself! However, it is advisable to agree on a quiet place where you can test the Babboe without a lot of traffic. Maybe you remember your first time on a cargo bike. It takes a little while to get used to it.. 

Ambassadors are entitled to free insurance for one year, so you do not have to worry about damage or theft.

Babboe thinks it is important that your efforts are rewarded. It is also important that the interested parent determines your earnings. You earn between € 5 and € 25 per test ride. This depends on whether and how a parent completes your review.